Thank you for your interest in joining YouthCare's Board of Directors!

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Thank you for your interest in applying to join YouthCare's Board of Directors!

The number one criterion for a Board candidate is passion for YouthCare’s mission. 
Additional key attributes include:
  • Capacity to do the work;
  • Willingness to make a meaningful contribution to YouthCare (Note:  Contribution does not mean and is not limited to financial contribution. The Board recognizes that contributions come in many forms, from hard work, to great ideas, to enthusiasm, to community connections, and beyond);
  • Diversify our Board, with a particular focus on excellent candidates who identify as Black, Native American, Latinx, and/or ‎LGBTQIA+, diversity of age,‎ have lived experience of homelessness, and/or otherwise bring to the Board diverse perspective and/or experience; if an applicant has lived experience and has received YouthCare services, they must wait two years after the last services received to apply to volunteer at YouthCare.
  • Experience and/or expertise in finance, real estate/construction, leadership, race equity and justice, risk management, social work, non-profit operations/management, local government, or other youth-facing organizations;
    Connection or proximity to YouthCare locations or key communities/partners, including Capitol Hill, South Seattle, and Lake City; or
    Connection to corporate partners with a focus on corporate social responsibility and/or history of community involvement.
  • A person who is 21+ years old (our age range requirement for people to volunteer in this capacity).
Please fill out this form to let us know a little more about your interest in joining YouthCare's Board of Directors. We will follow up with you within a few weeks.

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