Thank you for heeding the call to make this summer the hottest HPV vaccination season of all time.

The “HPV Super Six” are a team of superheroes with the power to prevent HPV cancer! Each superhero represents a clinical audience and is powered by a clinical action guide.  Each action guide was carefully developed and rigorously reviewed by experts in each target profession and includes specific tools and evidence-based information on how each Super Six Superhero can activate their special power to prevent HPV cancers.

The “Power to Prevent HPV Cancer” campaign was designed by the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable to promote the specialized clinical action guides to their intended clinical audiences by asking professional organizations, health care systems, and practices to implement the promotional toolkit for 8 weeks during the summer. 

Are you the social media or communications director of a professional organization, health department, or health system that reaches healthcare professionals? If so, we have made it easy for you to sign up to receive a suite of tools to help you reach your specific audiences with the “Power to Prevent Cancer” messages.

Are you a concerned citizen with a passion for fighting cancer? You are welcome to join the team as well! Feel free to sign up and use the tools we have provided to help you empower the HPV Super Six heroes in your life. The clinical action guides are a powerful tool for healthcare providers, clinical staff, health departments, and healthcare system staff and can be shared directly with them. When we all work together, we can defeat HPV cancers!

By signing up, you will receive:
  • Audience brief to make it super easy to target your specific audience with Power to Prevent HPV cancer messages
  • Website copy you can use or adapt to help drive traffic to your organizations HPV information
  • Newsletter blurb
  • Unique social media posts for Facebook and Twitter
  • Ready-to-go images to use on social media, newsletters, emails and more

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