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*Please note this survey will be kept confidential.
If you have any questions about this application, please call or text Karlene Nielsen, Manager of Strategic Community Engagement at 226-344-6401.

IMPORTANT: Applications are open at this time and are received on an ongoing basis.

The ProsperUs Leadership Council is looking for youth between the ages of 13 to 25 who live in the Downtown, West Windsor & Leamington communities to form a Youth Community Action Network working group (Y-CAN). You do not have to be a student. This group will talk about the challenges they face(d) in their neighbourhoods including the barriers to graduate high school and getting a post-secondary education. Members will work with other members of ProsperUs to create solutions to these barriers which will be developed into programs and services that help youth to succeed.  

Members of this Working Group are paid $14/hour to participate at Y-CAN meetings. Access to supports in order to attend meetings is available.

Due to Covid-19 policies, our meetings are all online on Zoom; this means members will need a device with an internet connection. If you do not have a device or internet, your application will still be considered, and if you are selected, we will work to get you the necessary device and internet access to participate.

This is our first attempt to bring youth together to design programs/services. We want to ensure that the youth who participate feel valued and comfortable to contribute at meetings. In order to do this, we are keeping the group size small so there is a limited number of seats.

If you are not selected to be a member of the Y-CAN at this time, your application and contact information will be saved for future opportunities.

Member responsibilities include:
· Reviewing and signing the Youth Community Action Network Terms of Reference and a Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to serve as a member
· Following the Guiding Principles of the Y-CAN Terms of Reference
· Attending monthly 2 to 3 hour meetings and showing up on time to meetings
· Giving their input at meetings 
· Communicating absences to the Y-CAN Mentor 
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