Mission of the Minnesota AFL-CIO

The Minnesota AFL-CIO’s mission is to improve the lives of working people, retirees, and our families – to bring economic and social justice to our workplaces, communities, state, and nation. We strive to eliminate all forms and systems of oppression.

To accomplish this mission, our Federation of Unions will:
  • Expand the Minnesota labor movement by helping workers join and form unions.
  • Stand with workers as they bargain fair contracts to improve their living conditions and workplaces.
  • Acknowledge, speak against, and demand action to address inequities based on race, gender, and sexual orientation in the workplace and in our communities.
  • Strengthen the voice of Minnesota working families by building power at all levels of government and in a changing global economy.
  • Partner with affiliates to grow the number of jobs in the communities which pay family-sustaining wages for our current workers and for generations of union members to come.