* 1. When contacting Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell by phone, I find that my call is answered promptly and courteously.

* 2. When making appointments, I find that my needs as an employer can be accommodated.

* 3. The Medical Staff provides clear and consistant information about clients who have received care at Avera Occupational Medicine Clinic-Mitchell

* 4. I receive prompt communication; (call/fax/email), regarding the work status of employees...ie...(post injuries, pre-employment offers, first aid plans, and TPA)

* 5. Drug Screen/Breath Alcohol Screens are reported in a timely manner?

* 6. Invoices that are received for services rendered are detailed and include ALL information to process payment?

* 7. Overall professional services provided by Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell were professional?

* 8. How can Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell improve services to meet your needs?

* 9. Would you be interested in any of the following educational offerings?

* 10. Please List any services that you would like Avera Occupational Medicine-Mitchell to Offer?

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