We Want to Make the Most of your PTA Experience

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Your voice, thoughts and opinions matter. This survey is the PTA's effort to best meet your needs and those of your children as we continue to cultivate the best way for the PTA to support PS 98's thriving school community.

* 1. Currently, the PTA Monthly Meetings are scheduled for every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm.
How convenient is the current time and day of the PTA monthly meeting schedule?

* 2. What would be a more convenient time for the PTA Monthly Meetings?

* 3. In order to have a quorum 6 or more parents are needed that are non-Executive PTA Board members or school staff. This is required for each PTA meeting to be legally conducted. On average we have 10-15 parents in attendance per monthly meeting.

What would encourage, help and/or incentivize your attendance at monthly meetings?

* 4. How often do you check out the PTA website (www.ps98pta.com) which provides minutes to the PTA monthly meeting, calendar of events, special programming, payment links, etc

* 5. How interested would you be in receiving text message reminders (rather than emails ) for updates, notices, brief event info, etc from the PTA ?

* 6. The current Enrichment Program budget per child request is approx $150 per child. How manageable is this amount for your families budget?

* 7. What other kinds of Enrichment Program ideas, events, activities, topics, etc would be of interest for you and your family at PS 98?

* 9. The annual PS 98-PTA Membership Drive supports our children’s Enrichment Program (ex: Ashcan Art Program, Midori & Friends music, additional Science Programming, Basketball Diaries, special shows/programs in the auditorium, etc).

These expenses can add up to in excess of an annual $40,000/year budget. Every year on average, approximately 30% of PS 98’s families contribute to the Membership Drive. To offset the remaining contributions for the budget, mini-fundraising efforts are required throughout the year.

How interested would you be in only being responsible for the one-time only Membership Drive amount and not have to participate in other fundraising efforts?

* 10. Is there a skill, talent, trade, experience, background, service that you have or can offer that could contribute/support the PTA and the school?