Charities are operating in a challenging environment. With funding lines being cut and donations increasingly difficult to secure, this survey will seek to explore how and if charities are adopting a more commercial focus to ensure they are best placed to navigate the current climate. Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey and as a thank you we will:

  • enter you into a prize draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch tablet*
  • send you the summary results so you can see where your peers stand in comparison
  • send you the advertorial published in Third Sector magazine informed by the survey results

*In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries close 30th April 11.59pm.

* 1. How is the sector placed to navigate the economic environment in 2014?

* 2. In order to cope with the financial challenges is your charity planning to make any changes to its structure to improve efficiency during the next 12 months? (please tick all which apply)

* 3. Is your charity currently considering a merger or collaboration in the next 12 months or is it something your charity would consider in future?

* 4. We have recently seen a number of charities access additional funding by issuing social bonds; do you believe charities should be turning to non-traditional sources for funding (i.e. not donations, grants or traditional lenders)?

* 5. If your charity is looking to take on some form of debt in the next 12 months, what type of borrowing are you/would you consider?

* 6. Do you consider it is appropriate for charities to pledge assets to secure better lending terms?

* 7. What do you understand by the term social finance? (Free text answer)

* 8. Do you think more senior managers coming from outside the sector is:

* 9. What percentage of your charity’s senior management (not including trustees) has commercial experience from outside the charities sector?

* 10. How does this percentage compare with ten years ago?

* 11. Does your charity have plans to increase the number of senior management (not including trustees) from outside the sector in the next 12 months?