Do you and your flatmates have what it takes to star in OP's 2017 Christmas video?

We are making a video to celebrate the end of another great OP year and we're looking for a group of flatmates (and their flat) to be the stars!

The winning flatmates will receive delicious Christmas treats and Christmas fame.

Filming is set to happen in mid-November and the video will be shared on YouTube, Facebook and other digital channels. 

Competition closes 3 November.
Enter now! 

* 1. How many people live in your flat, and are they all happy to be in our video?

* 2. Please tell us your flatmates' names, if they are OP students and what subjects you all study?

* 3. What is the address of your flat, and what is your contact phone number?

* 4. What are your landlord/property manager's contact details? (We'll have to check that they're happy for the flat to be filmed.)

* 5. Why should your flat win a decadent Christmas hamper and a starring role in our video? Tug on our heartstrings!