JFI WinterFest 2018 at the Vogue Theatre & Alamo Drafthouse - Audience Feedback Survey

Thank you for attending the fifth annual WinterFest 2018, presented by the Jewish Film Institute. In an effort to continually improve our programs, we appreciate you taking just a moment to answer some questions about your experience.

* 1. Please select your age range.

* 2. To which gender do you most identify? (Please select all that apply).

* 3. What is your ethnicity? (Please select all that apply.)

* 4. Do you identify with any of the following religions? (Please select all that apply.)

* 5. Are you a Jewish Film Institute member?

* 6. Have you ever attended a previous edition of JFI WinterFest?

* 7. Have you ever attended the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival?

* 8. Did you purchase a ticket for WinterFest, or use a Weekend Pass?

* 9. How did you learn about WinterFest and/or films you saw? Check all that apply

* 10. What is your preferred way to buy JFI WinterFest tickets?

* 11. Which films did you see at WinterFest? Please select all that apply

* 12. How likely are you to attend another Jewish Film Institute year-round film and/or event?

* 13. Any other comments or suggestions about WinterFest?

* 14. Would you like to leave your name and email address to be entered for a chance to win a 4-Flix card to the 2018 SF Jewish Film Festival?