1. Credit Union Movement "Best" and "Worst" Practices

Before, during and after hurricanes Katrina and now DEAN, Credit unions at all levels of the world credit union movement have come up with rather unique responses and recovery operations. This survey attempts to record our best and worst practices when we're in harms way. Please share you most proud and not so proud moments so we might pass them on to the next generation faced with adversity. Yes! You can remain annonymous!

Rich Woldt CEO The Risk Management Learning Center

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* 1. What did you, your credit union, credit union association, sponsor, neighbor, or family do that made you proud or maybe not so proud?

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* 2. What was the "worst" practice you heard about during Hurricane season 2007? Were you in the path of Hurricane DEAN?

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* 3. What will you do differently the next time you're in harms way?