* 1. We would like to learn about your priorities for community enhancement related to revitalizing brownfield opportunity sites in the Project Area.  Please rate the importance to you of each community improvement category below.

  Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority Neutral
New Jobs
Additional parks and recreational areas
Increased access to healthy food (for example, a closer grocery store or community garden, or food bank services)
Increased affordable housing options
Bike lanes and enhanced walkability
Public transit improvements
Improved environmental health (for example, air, water, building conditions)
Improved public health outcomes (for example, reduction in smoking, obesity, asthma, or other health concerns)
Public Safety/Crime
Traffic/Road improvements

* 2. Are there other high priorities for community enhancement or revitalization in the Project Area?

* 3. What is the Project Area's greatest strength in terms of quality of life?

* 4. What is the Project Area's greatest weakness in terms of quality of life?

* 5. Is there a section of the Project Area that you think particularly needs revitalization attention?

* 6. Do you own or know of an opportunity site that would benefit from redevelopment funding or technical assistance?  Examples may include old gas stations, auto shops, dry cleaners, warehouses, manufacturing businesses, vacant lots, large properties with little active use, and buildings with asbestos and lead paint.  (Please provide address or description, if possible.)

* 7. Additional comments:

* 8. Name, phone number, email (Optional):