Annual Third-Party Risk Management Benchmarking Survey

This annual survey is designed to help benchmark some of the key questions that can indicate the status and health of your third-party risk/supplier risk/vendor risk program. For example:

·         Does your program have the appropriate funding?

·         What is the typical organizational structure?

·         How are third party risk professionals remunerated?

·         How engaged is your board?

·         How mature are programs and what are the greatest challenges?

It’s completely anonymous and will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

The subsequent report will build on the last 3 years of research and will be an invaluable resource to benchmark your programs against your peers, drive investment conversations within your organization, and instill best practice approaches within your program. The final report and analysis will be available free of charge to participants and the wider third-party risk community to support education and benchmarking.