1. General information on HTMAA class participants

Thanks for taking the time to participate in this survey. The survey is for two purposes:

(1) This year the How To Make Almost Anything class is being offered on an experimental basis to an international community. We are testing online technologies and content delivery mechanisms to see what does and does not work. Your answers and feedback will contribute to the development of this course for participants around the world.

(2)This survey is also part of a project for a graduate education class I'm taking at Harvard. Your participation is entirely voluntary--and I really appreciate your help.

There are two pages of questions, 15 baseline questions below and 7 state-of-the-course questions on the second page. Most of the questions are in multiple choice format to make this fast and easy for you. As there can be multiple answers to many of the questions, please tick off as many answers per question as apply to your situation.

Thank you! And don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever: lass at cba dot mit dot edu

* 1. Please note your gender:

* 2. Please note your age:

* 3. What is your educational background to date?

* 4. Did you have specific technical expertise/skills before taking this class? Please describe briefly if applicable:

* 5. What motivated you to take this class?

* 6. What do you hope to learn in this class? What particular skills or knowledge do you want to acquire?

* 7. What is your native language?

* 8. Do you have access to the internet:

* 9. Where are you taking this course?

* 10. How is course content delivered in most of your other classes to date?

* 11. What has been the most interesting, successful class you've ever taken, and why was it successful for you?

* 12. Have you had peer-to-peer learning experiences in the past?

* 13. Have you had project-based learning experiences in the past?

* 14. When you are stuck on a problem, where do you get help?

* 15. When you work in the lab, do you work by yourself or with friends/peers?