Back-to-School Ready: Where do you need help?

Thank you for taking this quick (about 2 min) survey! I'll be using this info to help shape my August back-to-school series. (BTW, responses are anonymous : )

* 1. What stresses you during the school year? (Choose all that apply)

* 2. Out of all of the above, which bring on the most stress? And why? (feel free to list a couple)

* 3. Wake up time is:

* 4. Breakfast is: (choose 1 or more)

* 5. Our lunches are: (choose 1 or more)

* 6. Dinner time is something that: (choose 1 or more)

* 7. Where do you wish you were more organized as it pertains to back-to-school?

* 8. In what ways do you wish your kids were more organized?

* 9. I am