A short survey for mothers

Dear Mama,
I am working on a new offering, and I need input from mothers.  I want to learn about what mothers need most, what would serve and help them, so I have to understand some things first.  Of course I have my own perspective, but more input would be so helpful!
This is a short survey and won't take long!  Thanks for your help!
It's anonymous, so let 'er rip!

* 1. What's the biggest pain/frustration/challenge for you around being a mother and juggling all of your responsibilities?

* 2. What do you worry about? What keeps you up at night?

* 3. What does this cost you (in terms of lost time, money, aggravation, mental, physical, spiritual health)?

* 4. What are you yearning for in regards to balancing your own self care and mothering?

* 5. As a life coach for mothers, how could I help and serve you (through blog posts, video, offerings, courses)?

* 6. What tricks, tips, secrets or inside information would you benefit from learning, knowing or being aware of?