1. California Space Enterprise Status Survey

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The Space Enterprise Advisory Council (SEAC), with input from the various Collaboratives and Working Groups, has prepared a survey to "take the pulse" of space enterprise in the State of California. Each year's results are compared with previous years for trending information.

There are just over 20 questions in the survey. We are looking for your gut reaction to the state of Space Enterprise in the various categories. We do not expect, nor even want, you to spend any time pulling figures together or calling heads of other departments for input. We want your gut response.

The estimated time to complete the survey is 7 minutes.

The survey is available online here:

If you are doing this survey in hardcopy form, please return the completed form to:

California Space Authority
Attn: Jamie Foster
3201 Airpark Dr., #204
Santa Maria, CA 93455
FAX 805-349-2635

Thank you!

Questions may be directed to Jamie Foster: