Young Adult Survey

Pope Francis is calling a general assembly (Synod) of the bishops on the theme, “Youth, Faith, and Vocational Discernment”. This Synod will take place in October of 2018. In preparation for the synod, the Vatican has asked that young adults from around the world participate in this survey. The Church wishes to listen to the voices of young people, their sensitivities, their faith, even their doubts and criticisms.

The committee for the Youth-Young Adult Synod in Rome has fashioned this survey with open ended questions.
DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. The questions may be answered by individuals or reflect a summary of a group discussion.

It is recommended that you approach the survey in a spirit of prayer and answer the question(s) about which you feel passionately. It should only take about 15 minutes. Be assured that your responses in their entirety will be sent through the Papal Nuncio to Rome. Thank you for taking the time to let your voice be heard. God bless you!

* 1. I am:

* 2. Age:

* 3. I am:

* 4. So much has changed from generation to generation. How do young adults communicate their needs and realities with the Church, and how does the Church respond and acknowledge them?

* 5. What are the main challenges and most significant opportunities for young adults in the USA today?

* 6. What kinds and places of group gatherings of young adults, institutionalized or otherwise, have a major success WITHIN the Church, and why?

* 7. What kinds and places of group gatherings of young adults, institutionalized or otherwise, have a major success OUTSIDE the Church, and why?

* 8. How do young adults to take part in the life of the  Church community? What are the possibilities you see?

* 9. How does your parish community reach out to young adults who do not frequent Church gatherings?

* 10. Making decisions about whether you are called to marriage or religious life is called vocational discernment. Most people should have the support of the Church, family and friends as they formulate their vocation in life. Do you feel families and communities are involved in the vocational discernment of young adults? Why or why not?

* 11. How do schools and universities or other educational institutions contribute to the formation needed by a young person as they discern their vocation?

* 12. All people have an intrinsic need for community. However, advances in technology have changed the way people communicate. How does the Church take developments in the digital world into account when forming relationships with young people in their communities?

* 13. If you could tell Pope Francis one thing, what would it be?