You are invited to be part of a research study funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH). This study aims to better understand the on-the-job experiences of Young Adult Peer Mentors (YAPMs) in Massachusetts in order to inform YAPM training and workforce development efforts.

This study is being conducted by:
  • Vanessa V Klodnick, PhD, LCSW, Thresholds,, 773-572-5369, 4101 N. Ravenswood Chicago, IL 60613
  • Ali Gold, BS, CPS, MA DMH,, 617-448-1820, 25 Staniford St. Boston, MA 02114
We are recruiting 130 YAPMs and DMH staff who YAPMs work with across Massachusetts to complete a one-time 10-minute survey about their experience as a YAPM or working with YAPMs.

The survey is 100% voluntary and anonymous. You can choose to respond or not respond to any survey items, and can stop completing the survey at any time. If you stop completing the survey, your responses will not be used for data analysis or reporting. Completing the survey (or not) will not impact your employment as a DMH-associated agency staff member. MA DMH does not urge or nor encourage anyone associated with DMH to take part in research.

You will not be asked to provide your name, but you will be asked to provide your agency, program and location. This is to get a better understanding of where YAPMs are employed across the State. As surveys are completed, the research team will review respondent agencies to follow-up with agencies where no or few staff have responded, and make sure that the agency knows about the research opportunity.

At the end of the survey current and former YAPM participants will have the opportunity to provide their name and contact information if they are interested in participating in a virtual follow-up interview. If you are a current of former YAPM – and you provide your name and contact information, your confidentiality will be protected to the extent allowed by the law. Your name and contact information will NOT be linked to your survey responses, nor will your participation be shared with your agency. Your survey responses will remain anonymous. A research team member will contact you to share more information about the interview. Your name and contact information will be kept in a password locked folder on a HIPAA compliant DMH server that only the research team has access to. Your name and contact information will be deleted when interview data collection ends (by Dec 31, 2022). The researcher will keep all de-identified data for up to 10 years. Your name will never be used in any published report.

There is no monetary compensation for this survey. While there are no direct benefits to you—you may view participation as a way of helping to provide the mental health field with information on how to best support the YAPM role. The final intended products include a report summarizing survey findings, 1-2 infographics, a conference presentation or webinar, and a journal manuscript.

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* 1. Young Adult Peer Mentors (YAPMs) are typically employed in Mental Health Service Settings in the State of Massachusetts where they support adolescents & young adults. YAPMs use their lived experiences of mental health and other challenges with purpose and intent to support adolescents and young adults. YAPMs are typically between 19-30 years of age with exceptions. YAPMs use the Young Adult Peer Mentor Practice Profile to guide their work, see: Young Adult Peer Mentoring — Children's Behavioral Health Knowledge Center (

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