1. General Information

Please let us know your plans for this summer and help us tailor our services to students by responding to this brief survey. Your individual answers will be kept confidential.

If you indicate that you are still seeking summer employment, a Career Services counselor will follow up with you individually after spring finals.

Thank you for your response!

* 1. Name:

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* 3. Summer Plans (check all that apply):

* 4. If employed (paid or volunteer):

* 5. If employed (in a paid or volunteer position), type of employer:

* 6. Source of job:

* 7. If employed, hourly rate of pay:*
*Your individual information will be kept confidential. This information is useful to Career Services to track the average rates of pay for law clerks.

* 8. If you are still seeking employment this summer, what type of work are you seeking? Are you looking in Portland or out of the area?

* 9. For 1L's: Where are you interested in looking for a job NEXT summer and/or after graduation? (state and/or cities)