Becker County Broadband Initiative

Broadband, or high-speed Internet, is now an important consideration as people purchase homes and businesses select locations for investments.  Becker County has large areas within the county that are shown on state broadband maps as unserved.  This lack of broadband may limit residents’ ability to use the Internet for work, education, health care and connecting with family. And, as more of everything goes online, we risk being left behind. Studies show that broadband availability can now affect property values.

Becker County has now formed a committee to better understand and work to expand Internet availability.  We have interviewed our existing broadband providers and are now seeking your input through this survey.   Our goal is to document the strong demand for broadband services from people throughout the county.  We will map this demand and share it with current and prospective providers in hopes of facilitating partnerships that will lead to state broadband grants that would make broadband deployments affordable in our rural areas.

You are not obligating yourself to purchase services with your response to this survey, but we hope that your answers reflect your true level of interest. Your response will help us find the best solution for improving Broadband Internet access in Becker County.

* 1. Who is your current Internet provider(s) (check all that apply)

* 2. How SATISFIED are you with the Internet service you CURRENTLY have at your home/business?  Services are:

* 3. Why are you DISSATISFIED with your Current Internet service? (check all that apply)

* 4. If you currently HAVE Internet service, how likely are you to switch to a FASTER option if it was available?

* 5. How do you currently use your Internet service most at your home/business? (check all that apply.)

* 6. If your current service inhibits your use of the Internet, which of the following services would you use if you had access to FASTER Internet service?  (check all that apply.)

* 7. How do you currently use your Internet service at your home/business? (Check all that apply.)

If you currently subscribe to Internet Service, go to question 10.

* 8. Why don’t you subscribe to Internet service? (check all that apply.)

* 9. If you currently DO NOT HAVE Internet service, how likely would you be you to subscribe to high speed Internet if it became available?

* 10. Would you choose a Bundled Package for Internet, TV, and Land Line Phone service if it were available?

* 11. Are you a Full Time or Seasonal Resident and/or business in Becker County?

* 12. It is OK to share my contact information with prospective broadband providers.

* 13. I would like to help in this effort.

Thank you for your input!  It will help us achieve our goal to make high speed Internet service available to all residents and businesses in our county. 

Providing your contact information is important so that we can see geographic patterns in our survey results and to keep you informed on our progress.  Your contact information will be kept confidential if you selected that option above.  

We seek additional hands in this work.  If you are interested in helping, please become a broadband champion and help us promote this survey!

* 14. Contact Info