The Subculture Group has been the toughest decision we have ever had to make. Our employees are obviously very concerned about losing income to live, we are very concerned about the welfare of the general public. We have had as many comments for us to remain open and provide income and a place for people to eat as we have had for us to close. I feel in certain instances and certain locations we could provide a safe environment. Outdoor environments and reducing occupancy would allow our employees the ability to still earn an income and provide a place for the public to eat. I do not think there are any fail safe mechanisms in dealing with this crisis. We are looking for input from our guests and we will then make a decision based on that. Of course in the interim if any government agency makes the decision we will fully abide by that.

Question Title

* 1. Should we remain open with additional precautions (limit occupancy, reduced hours) or close operations until further notice?