1. Which option best describes your student school/group?

2. If you are a teacher, what grade level do you teach?

3. Is your school a Title I School?

4. How did you hear about this program (select all that apply)?

5. Because we seek funding from foundations and/or corporations, we have to report diversity statistics. Please indicate which of the following statements best describes the makeup of your current school/group:

6. What kind of tour did you take (select all that apply):

7. Is this the first time you've visited the Hall of State or taken a tour?

8. Did your tour start at the designated time?

9. Did you utilize any of the materials on the DHS website (www.dallashistory.org) to prepare for the tour?

10. Was the tour/scavenger hunt relevant to the students' studies and/or recent lesson plans?

11. Was the tour/scavenger hunt:

12. Were the children engaged in the performance?

13. Did the students ask questions?

14. Did you (as the teacher or group leader) enjoy your visit/tour?

15. Why or why not?

16. Will you consider visiting the Hall of State again in the future?

17. In your opinion, what are the strengths/weaknesses of the Hall of State Tours/Scavenger Hunts?