Thank you for answering these quick questions for me - all the best with your Job Hunt!

* 1. When you first started looking for a new job, what were the first steps you took? Please order the following statements accordingly (1 will be first step and 6 will be the last step)

* 2. Where do you have a Social Media presence? Tick all boxes that apply to you:

* 3. Which platforms that you ticked above, do you consider to be important for your career advancement? The others will be considered personal platforms that should not impact your next job application:

* 4. Would you be opposed to being contacted via Social Media about new career opportunities by Recruitment Agencies or potential employees? Which platforms do you feel would be suitable for you to be contacted via:

* 5. Do you belong to any online Professional Groups or Business Networks on Social Media to make sure that you are keeping in touch with like-minded professionals and are alerted to any new roles in your profession?

* 6. Which platforms do you use to do research on potential companies or employers? Please tick all that apply:

* 7. What information are you hoping to find on these potential employers through their Social Media Platforms? Please rate your answers in order of importance with 1 being the most relevant:

* 8. Have you, or would you in the future, change your personal Social Media profiles to appear more attractive to potential employers? E.g.: Removing photos of you drinking at a party?

* 9. Do you include Links to your Social Media profiles on your CV? If so which platforms do you post Links for?