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* 2. Have you received your Pebble?

* 3. What OS do you use/plan to use for your Pebble?

* 4. Are you receiving your Pebble in the U.S. or worldwide?

* 6. How many Pebbles did you pledge for?

* 7. If you have received the Pebble, what date did you receive the Pebble?
(If you haven't received it, please move on to the next question)

* 8. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE PEBBLE (otherwise, please continue)-
On a scale of 1 (NOT AT ALL) to 5 (COMPLETELY) please rate your SATISFACTION with:

  1 2 3 4 5
Performing as expected, straight out of the box
Current Reliability
Current Functionality
Customer Support if you reported a fault
Likely future functionality
Prospects of Pebble being a serious and competitive product in 2 years time