2024 Volunteering Waikato Feedback

1.What inspired you to support or engage with Volunteering Waikato in the past year?(Required.)
2.In what ways can Volunteering Waikato better support and collaborate with your community or organisation in achieving our shared goals?(Required.)
3.How can Volunteering Waikato improve its communication channels to keep you informed about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and organisation updates?(Required.)
4.In your opinion, how have we positively impacted your community? (select as many as you like)(Required.)
5.Have you encountered any challenges or obstacles while engaging with our organization?(Required.)
6.As we enter a new year, what areas should we prioritize to help enrich lives through volunteering?(Required.)
7.Would you be interested in participating in focus groups, workshops, or other interactive sessions to provide more in-depth feedback?(Required.)
8.How did you first learn about Volunteering Waikato?(Required.)
9.What type of volunteer activities would you like to see more of in the coming year?(Required.)
10.What best describes your relationship with Volunteering Waikato?(Required.)