Expectations for Submissions

Before you submit your show, please read through this background information.

Delicious shows have these features:

·     Collaborative. Every participant has an equal opportunity in and responsibility for the final performance. Everyone writes and everyone acts.
·     Deliberate Crisis Experience. Projects have a shorter timeframe (1 week) and fewer resources than similar projects with other organizations. Crisis helps us let go of perfectionism and brings people together.
·     Simple Production. Projects are deliberately “poor”, focusing on writing and performing. No complex sets, costumes, props, special effects.
·     Final Public Performance. The project is shared with the public on a pre‐announced date.

Delicious shows follow these principles:

·     Abundance. Creativity is the natural condition, not a scarce commodity. We don’t need to make it rain, we merely need to break the dams that are holding back our creativity.
·     Togetherness. You and everyone here belongs. When we listen, when we’re honest, when we trust and depend on each other, we can do more together.
·     Hard work. Give it your best. It’s only a week, but you gotta show up every day.
·     Imperfection. Perfectionism is the little voice that says this is not good enough. Good enough is more than enough most of the time. Let go of self-limiting perfectionism and find the unexpected.
·     Risk. With abundance, togetherness, hard work and imperfection, it’s safe to take a chance. You have unique experiences and an original outlook. Share your truth.

Classic Versus Mainstage shows. We produce two kinds of Delicious shows. Classic shows have 8 performers, all writing their own play with very simple production values. Classic shows are great for beginners and also great for an experiment in form or theme. Mainstage productions are a single play with a plot and the actors play the same character throughout. Mainstage shows are great for people with a lot of writing, acting and Delicious experience. Mainstage shows have high production values, like plays produced at the Bartell or elsewhere. Mainstage shows are much more complex and require much more advance planning.

What we’ll be looking for in your submission:

·     Novelty/Interest/Marketability. Is this a show people want to work on and see? We’re not looking to appeal to everyone, but we want shows that appeal to some people, and those people will be happy they came.
·     Social impact, importance of theme. Is this something the ensemble and the audience will relate to? Many shows are just for fun, but shows are special when they have a deeper purpose.
·     Practicality/Expense of staging. Can we do it without spending a lot of money and effort?
·     Theatre experience (especially Delicious) of the key creative team. Can you and your partner design and run a Delicious on your own or with moderate assistance from Delicious?

With all this in mind, please fill out the form below and submit it. We will respond to your submission with follow-up questions or a “thanks for submitting” message by April 15th.

Question Title

* 1. Name or theme of show. What is the show about?

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* 2. Classic or Mainstage? If you choose “Classic”, you can skip down to Creative Team question. If Mainstage, what is the source material for a full-length play?

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* 3. Mainstage : List of lead characters and a one-sentence description of each. The number of lead characters is equal to the number of writer/actors in your ensemble. Mainstage ensembles generally range from 5 to 8.

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* 4. Mainstage: Title and synopsis of the play.  Write whatever you wish for the synopsis, but ultimately your synopsis will be the rubric you give your writers to create a play that has multiple characters with equal stakes in the outcome.

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* 5. Key creative team members. List two people who will create your show and your roles in the production. Both you and your partner must be residents of Dane County. Common examples of team member roles in Delicious are: Play Designer, Director, Stage Manager, Musical Director.

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* 6. Resumes of key creative team. Please paste short bios of your and your partner's theatre experience. Please note your Delicious experience, if any.

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* 7. Special needs. These may be technical requirements, special talents of the ensemble (singing, etc.) or anything else.

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* 8. Contact info

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