Office of Institutional Equity - Satisfaction/Suggestions Survey

Please answer a few questions about your recent experience with OIE.

Are you:

Please select Yes, Somewhat, or No where appropriate:

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Was working with OIE a positive experience?
In interacting with OIE staff, were you treated respectfully?
Was OIE able to resolve your problem or concern?
Was OIE staff sensitive to your confidentiality and/or privacy concerns?
Did OIE staff communicate with you in a professional manner?
Did OIE staff thoroughly answer and explain any questions you had related to your matter?
Were OIE materials easy to understand?
Did OIE staff explain Tulane's Equal Employment/Anti-Discrimination Policies to you?
Did OIE staff explain Tulane's Anti-Retaliation Policy to you?
Did OIE staff explain the investigation process to your satisfaction?
Would you recommend OIE's resolution process to others?
If you attended an OIE presentation concerning harassment, discrimination, or other subject, were you satisfied with the presentation?
If you read OIE's Harassment Prevention brochure, did you find it helpful?

Please select Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree where appropriate.

I was satisfied with:

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The complaint procedure?
How OIE explained the outcome?
OIE's understanding of your complaint?

Please select Yes, Somewhat, or No where appropriate concerning OIE's website:

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Did you find OIE's website helpful?
Was OIE's website easy to navigate?
Did OIE's website provide up-to-date information?
Did OIE's website provide relevant information?
Were you able to successfully view and download information from OIE’s website?

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with OIE?

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

How did you hear about OIE?