1. Sheridan Options Mentoring Blog Reader Survey

Thanks for taking the time to answer our survey. We'll be using this survey to decide what to write about in our blog in 2011. We want to encourage you to communicate with comments in our posts and send us suggestions for things you'd like to see!

Thanks for your help! We appreciate it!

Sheridan Options Mentoring

* 1. How long have you been trading options using real money?(Mark one)

* 2. The success of my option trading could best be described as (Mark one):

* 3. What types of option strategies have you traded? (Mark all that apply):

* 4. What types of option strategies do you feel that you thoroughly understand?(Mark all that apply):

* 5. As I look to option trading in the New Year, I would most like to (Mark all that apply):

* 6. With regard to the use of technical analysis as a guide for my trade selection (Mark one):

* 7. As I consider option trades, I have difficulty (Mark all that apply) :

* 8. When studying various educational materials for option trading (Mark all that apply):

* 9. I would like to see the following topic(s) covered in the blog this year (please be as specific as possible):