1. Important Notice

Thank you for your interest in joining our pool of playtesters for OtherSide Entertainment. We're excited to have you share your feedback on our games!

A few notes:

We will be doing remote as well as in-person playtesting. Often, the best playtesting experience is local so we can take notes and discuss the experience with you. For local playtesting, you must be easily able to travel to our studio in Concord, MA. For remote playtesting, we will be using Steam to deploy builds so you must have a Steam account to participate. Windows/PC only.

There is no monetary compensation for playtesting. Playtesting does not regularly reoccur. Playtesting is in no way a formal means of employment. This is a fun way to volunteer a few hours of your time and to let us know what you think of our games and talk to the developers. You may get a free OtherSide game or swag as a special thanks!

Completing this form does not guarantee you a slot for playtesting. Slots are extremely limited, and we'll try to accommodate as many playtesters as we can. When you sign up, your info will be added into a secure, private database of potential testers that we'll contact to participate in our research. We select players based on a wide variety of criteria and invite them to take part in different types of tests. We will NEVER share your information with any other parties.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You must agree to and comply with our Testing and Confidentiality Agreement, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and other applicable policies. This agreement requires, among other things, that everything you observe and experience in our projects in development must remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, or LEGAL ACTION can be taken against you. Checking "YES" that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the OtherSide Testing and Confidentiality Agreement will act as a signed acknowledgment of the terms listed.

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* 1. Do you accept and understand all of the guidelines explained above?

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* 2. Have you read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the OtherSide Testing and Confidentiality Agreement?