In order to ensure opportunities for participation in youth soccer to all who desire to play, FYSA has established a Fee Waiver Policy that allows a parent/guardian with an economic need to request a partial waiver of registration fees for their participant(s). In all cases, a minimum individual contribution of $30 per participant ($15 for PreK players) is required from the parent/guardian. This amount must be paid prior to the first scheduled practice/game of the season.
The following appears in the FYSA Policy Manual, outlining the fee waiver guidelines. The questions provided below the quoted policy constitute our fee waiver application (with paper versions available upon request). Submitted electronic requests are automatically received by FYSA and will be processed as the session registration deadline approaches. Requests must be made by the end of the program's registration window. In order to make sure your player(s) is in our system, please register them for their programs and, if you have a pending fee waiver request submitted, feel free to select the option to pay by 'Check' in the final step in order to complete the registration process leaving the balance on your account. 
Please read through this policy and feel free to contact FYSA with any questions at 907-456-3972 or 
I.       OBJECTIVE: To provide funding to support recreational soccer opportunities to those with economic need.
a.       A partial FYSA fee waiver may be provided to recreational players if an economic need is documented and approved at the discretion of the Executive Director.
b.      Fee waivers are subject to availability of funding within FYSA budgetary allowances.
c.       A parent or guardian of the recreational player shall submit a statement of economic need to the Executive Director prior to the registration deadline for the session the applicant is seeking the waiver.
d.      While fee waiver amounts may vary, there is a minimum $30 individual family contribution required towards any recipient’s program fees.
e.      FYSA is an organization that thrives because of the involvement of countless volunteers each year. Approved fee waiver recipients are encouraged to contact the Executive Director for volunteer opportunities within our program. Such volunteer opportunities may include:
       i.      Assisting with organization of uniforms and balls

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* 1. Please provide the following information

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* 2. Please provide a brief description of the economic need for a fee waiver request.

Thank you for submitting the FYSA Fee Waiver Request. Remember, participants must be registered for the season for the waiver to be considered. This can be done while still leaving the balance unpaid (select 'Mail in Check' option at checkout). There is a minimum $30 ($15 for PreK) individual family contribution required for each participant and all accounts must be paid before the start of the season. Fee Waiver Requests must be received by the end of the registration window and will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Any questions regarding fee waivers may be sent to the FYSA Executive Director at