* 1. Your city/region

* 2. Name of your organization

* 3. Contact Person's Name

* 4. Contact Person's Email Address

* 5. What types of research, if any, are you designing or conducting on your cluster acitivities?

  On students On teachers On school admins On district admins On vendors On the school board or other authorities On the broader community
Impact on outcomes or competencies
Impact on practices
Impact on attitudes
Impact/utiltiy of a design-thinking approach
Impact/utility of design-based research approach
Economic impact

* 6. How about research on…

* 7. What time period did you (or will you) study?

* 8. Please describe your research plan and partners, if any

* 9. How do you fund your research?

* 10. If you haven't conducted or planned research, what are the reasons?

* 11. Any other thoughts, questions, or needs around cluster activity research?

* 12. Would you be interested in a webinar on designing and conducting cluster research?