PLT holds annual internal workshops where we synchronize our efforts. Based on discussions with members of the community, we are considering holding an open workshop for our entire user population.

Depending on interest, the workshop is likely to feature presentations by:

* Matthew Flatt on the future of Racket
* Matthias Felleisen on the future of the HtDP Curriculum
* Robby Findler on new developments in DrRacket

as well as tutorials by:

* Ryan Culpepper on creating Domain-Specific Languages
* Jay McCarthy on Web Development with Racket
* Shriram Krishnamurthi on teaching algorithmic content in an accelerated HtDP/2e course

Also we are hoping that some of you might be interested in presenting ideas, requests, experiences, and plans that others may be interested in.

Answering the following questions will help us to plan for this event.

1. Are you a software developer?

2. Do you currently teach at a high school, college, or university?

3. Are you currently using Racket at your job (in research, teaching, software development, etc)?

4. How likely is it that you would attend the workshop if it is held in:

  Likely Moderate Unlikely

5. How likely is it that you would attend the workshop if it takes place in:

  Likely Moderate Unlikely
Early June
Late July

6. Are you interested in presenting at the workshop?