* 1. Does your hospital/healthcare organization have a detailed plan in place to comply withthe HIPAA Omnibus Rule?

* 2. What are the biggest challenges in implementing the HIPAA Omnibus Rule?

* 3. What steps as your organization taken to ensure that your business associates that have access to protected health information are HIPAA complant as required under te HIPAA Omnibus Rule?

* 4. What changes has your hospital organization made to your Breach Assessent policies or procedures to comply with the HIPAA Onibus breach notification rule?

* 5. Has your hospital conducted a test to see if its breach notification plan will work in a real time breach situation?

* 6. What has been the impact of security incidents at your facilty/hospital?

* 7. How would you grade te effectiveness of your hospital's securotu training and awareness activities for your organization's staff members ad physicians?

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