Reader Survey - Fall 2014

Please take a few minutes to complete this reader survey on the latest issue of the UNC Asheville Magazine. You'll be helping us make the magazine even better. We welcome your feedback.

1. Did you receive a printed copy of the Fall 2014 edition of the UNC Asheville Magazine featuring tiny houses on the cover?

2. If yes, how much of the magazine did you read?

3. How much time did you spend reading the magazine?

4. Did you read the UNC Asheville Magazine Fall 2014 edition online at

5. Please rate your interest in the following features that appeared in the Spring 2014 magazine:

  Very Interested Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested No Opinion
Meet Chancellor Mary Grant
Interim Chancellor's Column
The Bulldog Experience in the AVID Program
Return on Investment
International Players (student-athletes)
Alumni Profiles
Not Your Average Zombie
Go, Bulldogs - Athletics
Mountains to the Sea with Retired Faculty
Class Notes
Campus News - Around the Quad
The Edges of Knowledge
Big Dreams, Small Houses

6. Please rate your interest in the following topics for future editions:

  Very Interested Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested No Opinion
Campus Life
Cultural Events
Campus Controversies
Student Activities
Alumni Activities
Faculty Activities
Class Notes
Fundraising Efforts
University History/Traditions
Admissions Policies
Issues Facing WNC
Environmental Issues
Letters to the Editor
Business Issues
Health and Health Care
Arts and Culture
Higher Education Issues

7. Please rate the quality of the UNC Asheville Magazine on the following:

  Excellent Good Average Poor No Opinion
Ease of Reading
Layout and Design

8. Please indicate your degree of agreement with this statement: UNC Asheville Magazine strengthens my personal connection to UNC Asheville.

9. What do you like most about the magazine?

10. What do you like least about the magazine?

11. Are there any changes or improvements you would like to suggest?

12. What is your relationship with UNC Asheville?

13. What is your age?

14. What stories would you like to see covered in future issues of the magazine?