* 1. A Week in the Life of a Master Scheduler: Updating status, Weekly Cadence / Rhythm, Analysis and Reports; and finally Weekly Setup and Status Worksheets.

* 2. Back Stage: setting up MS Project 2010/2013: Option settings: What are they and What do they do?

* 3. Agile Scheduling – What is it and how to structure it in Microsoft Project: Use Fields and Groups to Create an Agile Schedule with MS Project. What Goes Into an Agile Schedule? Setting up the Custom Fields . . .

* 4. Using Resource Leveling in MS Project:
• Assigning resources to tasks
• Seeing the impact of resource constraints on the project schedule
• Resource leveling options

* 5. Understanding and setting Filters & Gantt Bars

* 6. Earned Value Mgmt System - what is it & how to use it in MS Project

* 7. General Info on saving layouts/tables/views & how to transfer them between projects and users

* 8. Using Constraints

* 9. Add-on Smorgasbord – Pert Chart Expert, WBS Chart Pro, @Risk, Full Monte, Driving Path, CCP

* 10. Learning about Task Types and Reports: how to set them up and use them

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