Hi kids, it's Sparky here. What safety messages can you remember from watching my video and seeing me at your school?

* 1. What town do you live in?

* 2. What year are you in at school?

* 3. What do you do if your ball goes into a substation?

* 4. What type of ball did Sparky kick into the substation?

* 5. Where should you fly your kite?

* 6. What colour is Sparky's kite?

* 7. What do you do if you see an open or damaged transformer box?

* 8. What colour is Sparky's pet dog in the video?

* 9. Who should an adult get to trim the trees growing close to the power lines?

* 10. What is on Sparky's superhero suit?

* 11. Where should you plant trees that are going to grow tall

* 12. If a power line comes down in bad weather, should you go near it?