Hearing your views

* 1. Can you tick the box which captures your current age?

* 2. Do you envisage becoming pregnant within the next three years?

* 3. In terms of pregnancy care and safe delivery of your baby what are the options available to you that you are aware of?

* 4. If you were given a choice of which hospital to attend and you had to decide now which one to choose, which would you instinctively choose from the following list?

* 5. When you think of Holles Street Hospital what are the first words that come to mind?

* 6. When you think of The Rotunda Hospital what are the first word that come to mind?

* 7. When you think of the Coombe what are the first three words that come to mind?

* 8. If you want to get information related to pregnancy what sources do you think you would consult?