* 1. In what grades do you have children who attend school at Earlham CSD?

* 2. In regard to professional development days: Earlham CSD currently has 9 days with no school throughout the year which are used for teacher in-service. In addition, we have 4 days of early dismissals (1:30 pm) which are also used for teacher in-service. Please indicate your preference for future in-service schedules below.

* 3. For parents of 7-12 graders, how well has the laptop initiative met the learning needs of students?

* 4. How safe do you feel your children are at school?

* 5. How high are the expectations for students at this school?

* 6. Earlham CSD currently offers Spanish for 9-12 grades. How useful would you believe offering Spanish at the lower levels would be for our K-8 grade students?

* 7. Earlham CSD is considering offering an additional foreign language to our high school course offerings. We currently offer Spanish to our 9-12 grade students. Please indicate your choice or preference of additional languages below?

* 8. For demographic purposes, please indicate your current family income.

* 9. What suggestions do you have for improving this school?

* 10. How could the student experience at this school be improved?

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