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Questionnaire of the mini MOOC "From knowledge management to organic MOOC"

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Copyright Dô-Khac Decision 2014 France

* 1. How many criterias a "unit of information" should be compliant with to be a "transmissible unit of knowledge" ?

* 2. How is the "digital paradigme" defined in this video ?

* 3. To analyse how much open is a MOOC, the first dimension is to assess how much reuse the creator allows. Two classes are presented and are labelled "Copyright" and "Creative Commons". Do you remember what is the second dimension and how the two classes have been labelled ?

* 4. Who is reputed to have coined "Enterprise 2.0"?

* 5. Would you think it would be feasible to develop some MOOC creation and production capabilities on a social network cloud service ?

* 6. How many copyright value creation models are identified in this video ?

* 7. What is the lever to turn a set of collaborative MOOCs into an "organic MOOC" ?