Nominations for Term 1 and 2 - 2019 are now open

Nominations must include a statement on how the General Surgeon nominee (supervisor or trainer) has made a significant contribution to the SET Program in General Surgery.
Please address at least one (1) of the criterion below, outlining why you feel that the nominee should be recognised by the award and also include examples of where the nominee has displayed the attributes outlined:

Question Title

* Details of Nominator:
Training State:

Details of Nominee:

* Please note that the Award is for the 2019 clinical year and therefore only Term 1 - 2019 and Term 2 - 2019 are eligible rotations.

Please provide the above Nominator/Nominee information in the box below.

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* Professionalism & Ethics

Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring all trainees, trainers, supervisors and other medical staff are demonstrating professional behaviour in relation to medico, legal and ethical issues.

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* Health Advocacy

Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring trainees are aware of their own welfare and well-being. Actively promotes and supports health maintenance of trainees.

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* Communication

Develops rapport, trust and openness with trainees and establishes positive relationships. Encourages dialogue to discuss issues and problems relating to patient care. Fosters a supportive environment where trainees and colleagues are able to comfortably express opinions.

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* Collaboration & Leadership

Works and encourages a collaborative environment amongst all medical colleagues and demonstrates a respectful attitude to ensure effective functioning of the team.

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* Scholarship & Teaching

Facilitates and encourages the continued learning and education of trainees. Actively promotes professional development through the ability to attend trainees’ days and educational meetings. Shares technical and medical knowledge through the clinical environment.

Nominations must be received by 12.00pm on Monday 16 March 2020.

Any queries please contact:
Julie Jones,Training, IMG & Hospital Accreditation Coordinator
General Surgeons Australia
Telephone: 03 9249 1141