1. Introduction


Is your company ready to engage in social media communications? If so, what's your social media marketing strategy?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" social communications strategy. Each company needs to consider its unique corporate culture, knowledge of social media, and internal corporate regulatory compliance environment before it can develop a realistic social media communications strategy that is right for it.

By filling out this questionnaire, you will discover where you may need to augment your knowledge about social media and the hurdles you may need to overcome within your organization to implement a social media communications program.

When you complete the questionnaire, you’ll be able to see the average of all responses to date and get a better idea of how you and your company compare to that average. No personally-identifiable information is collected in this survey.

NOTE: There are 3 parts to this survey:

  • Part 1 (Regulatory Environment) is meant for government-regulated pharmaceutical companies or vendors working on behalf of such companies.

  • Part 2 (Corporate Culture) applies to ALL companies.

  • Part 3 (Social Media Knowledge) applies to ALL companies.

By answering the following question appropriately, you will directed to the sections of this survey relevant to your needs.

* 1. Which best describes your professional or organizational affiliation?