1. KISD ACE Student Survey

Please answer each of the following questions. Your answers will help us make the program better for you.

* 1. What grade are you in?

* 2. How many years have to been coming to the ACE program?

* 3. Why do you come to the afterschool program? You can choose more than one answer.

* 4. Tell us how you feel about the ACE program.

  Never Sometimes Most of the time Always
I enjoy coming to the ACE program
I feel safe at the ACE program

* 5. Tell us how you are doing on your school work.

  No Sometimes Most of the time Yes
I get all my homework done
I understand my school work better
My school work is getting easier
I am getting better grades
I believe I will finish High School
I believe I will go to College

* 6. Tell us how you feel.

  No Sometimes Most of the time Yes
I like school better now
I want to come to school more
I get in less trouble in school
I get along with other students more
I am making new friends

* 7. Tell us how you feel about your ACE afterschool activities.

  No Sometimes Most of time Yes
I like the activities
There are enough activities
The activities have taught me new things
I get to help decide what activities we will have in afterschool
I get to choose the activities I go to

* 8. Tell us how you feel about your afterschool leaders.

  Never Rarely Sometimes Always
Teachers and other adults help me when I ask
Teachers and other adults make me feel comfortable
I like the afterschool leaders

* 9. What is the best thing about the afterschool program?

* 10. What could we change about the afterschool program to make it better for you?