1. MRC Survey

In an effort to continually improve the experience of and to add value to membership in the Marsh River Cooperative, we would like to hear the opinions of both members and non-members on some inter-related and important issues:

ONE - The co-op was incorporated as a Consumer and Producer member owned cooperative. We wish to determine, as the co-op has evolved, and into the future, if this dual class member structure is still appropriate.

TWO - Should the current member financial contribution structure be changed? In what ways can it be modified to encourage new members to join, to meet the needs of people with differing financial situations, while giving members a sense of ownership and still helping support the co-op financially?

THREE – To determine what benefits to membership in Marsh River Cooperative are desired and are viable.

Based on your responses, some of these issues can be addressed with policy changes, others would necessitate a rewrite of the co-op’s bylaws which would then be presented to the membership for a vote of approval.

We truly appreciate any time spent in answering these questions. We realize, this a somewhat lengthy survey, but your answers will help us going forward as the co-op continually evolves into an organization that best serves both its membership and the community at large.

One respondent will be chosen at random to receive a $25 gift certificate to the co-op. Please include your name and contact info in comment section #5 so we can contact you for the gift certificate.

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* 1. CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP- As currently structured in the bylaws, each class of membership elects members of their own class to seats on the Board of Directors. Producer Members are supposed to have a majority. Current policy also states that Producer members should have priority among vendors to the co-op. (As background info - at the founding of the co-op we were dependent solely on volunteer labor. The Producer Members had the responsibility of volunteering 12 hours per month. A few Producer Members still do, but the majority do not. Also, practice has shown that the logistics of trying to maintain priority to the letter, for Producer Members as vendors has at times resulted in more empty spots on the shelves as they can not necessarily provide the products that the co-op needs, when the co-op needs them.)

Do you support: (please comment on any or all)

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* 2. MEMBERSHIP FEE STRUCTURE Currently membership is by category – Producer have a buy-in of $100 equity share, Consumer at $100 individual and $150 family. (A Family Membership is defined as individuals sharing a physical address. A Producer Membership can consist of more than one individual.) $15 annual fee for all types of membership. (One year payment plans are currently available for both categories). How do you feel about the following possible ways to change the existing fee structure? These ideas could be combined in different ways…

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* 3. CURRENT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS- What do you feel are the
benefits to being a member of the Marsh River Cooperative?

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* 4. POTENTIAL BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP- What benefits that are not currently conferred with membership would you like to see put into place?

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* 5. If you would like to make additional comments please feel free to use this space below. We'd love to hear from you!