1. A Golden Opportunity !!

Nigeria has immense potential for the acquisition and development of real estate both at individual and corporate levels. Democracy and improved economic indices has made investment in Nigeria a viable option. A property boom is on the horizon and now is the time to look closer at this opportunity.

The Nigerian Institute, is a research and development organization that provides feasibility studies, surveys and reports on key sectors in Nigeria to encourage inward investment into the country.

This survey will facilitate the Institutes development of proposals to simplify & Speed up the process of acquiring government land; for Nigerians & other investors in the diaspora. The proposal will be transparent with a guarantee of ownership via the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy within 28 days of full payment.

We would like to know your views about investing in land/property in Nigeria. Please lend us a few minutes to respond to these questions. Contact details: email, address etc would be used to notify you of the forthcoming event: "The Golden Opportunity" which promises to be the first Nigerian Land and property acquisition campaign hosted by The Nigerian Institute (UK)

Please go to the following link for more information

We thank you for your cooperation.

Director General
The Nigerian Institute

* 1. Are you interested in acquiring land/property, building a house or investing in Nigeria ?

* 2. How much would you like to invest in Nigeria ?

* 3. What Sectors are you interested in ?

* 4. What type of land/property would you like to acquire/build in Nigeria ?

* 5. How Many Plots of Land are you likely to acquire ?

* 7. Have you invested in Nigeria before ?

* 9. Was the land/property/investment acquired via....

* 10. How long did it take to acquire the land/property/investment ?

* 11. Did you have problems securing the property/land/investment ?

* 12. Does your property/land have a valid Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) ?

* 13. Do you own property in the UK ?

* 14. Would you buy government land in Nigeria if the C of O is issued within 28 days of full payment ?

* 15. Would you consider buying land/property in a new development area ?

* 16. Would you consider using a UK/international firm to design and construct your home in Nigeria ?

* 17. How much savings do you have ?

* 18. How often do you travel to Nigeria ?

* 19. What is your main purpose of travel to Nigeria ?

* 20. Which of these factors restricts your investment in Nigeria ?

  Very Important Important Not Important
Fraud and Corruption.
Insufficient legal protection.
Inadequate utilities;power,water,good roads
Lack of Trust
Security on investment/authenticity of documentation
Lack of a reliable/transparent way of buying property.
Lack of security
Too Much Red Tape,
Difficulty obtaining C of O
Difficulty accessing Government land/property
High interest rates/difficulty obtaining mortgages.

* 21. Would you welcome and invest in an initiative that aims to make the land/property acquisition process in Nigeria more reliable and smoother with security of investment.

* 22. Would you buy government land/property in Nigeria from an officially authorized Government body based in the UK ?

* 23. What have your experiences been so far and what are your main concerns about investing in land/property in Nigeria?

* 24. Age

* 25. How many children do you have

* 26. Employment status

* 27. What is your profession/area of employment

* 28. Income

* 29. Please fill your details below we will contact you & inform you when the Nigerian Real Estate campaign starts in the UK. Please specify your preferred method of contact. Your privacy will be protected.

50% of survey complete.