* 1. May Experience 2013 Follow Up Survey of Expectations and Goals

Thank you for completing the following brief survey. As we develop the May Experience the following questions will help us to evaluate the impact of the program and will be useful to the instructors as they adapt future course content.

* 2. What would be your advice to a student who is thinking about participating in May Experience next year?

* 3. Briefly evaluate how well your main goals and expectations for this May Experience were met. How, if at all, did these expectations change during the term?

* 4. Comment on the time and effort you invested in this May Experience program:

* 5. What turned out to be different about this May Experience program that you would not have experienced in a typical regular semester class?

* 6. What turned out to be the most significant challenges and opportunities associated with this May Experience program?

* 7. Additional comments and suggestions: