* 1. How important are global payments to your company?

* 2. Does your company provide global payments solutions?

* 3. How would you rate your personal understanding of global payments topics?

* 4. How would you rate the understanding of global payments among payments professionals at your company?

* 5. Which three regions or countries are you most interested in?

Please rank by importance with most important first.

  1 2 3
Europe - Western
Europe - Eastern
Latin America
Middle East

* 6. In terms of development status, are you most interested in learning more about:

* 7. What's your level of interest in the following cross-border use cases?

  Very Interested Interested Not Interested
Cross-border B2B
Global eCommerce
Global Payouts
International Remittances

* 8. Which category best represents your business?

* 9. Are you interested in a Glenbrook Global Payments Workshop?

Thanks! From Carol, Elizabeth, and all your friends at Glenbrook.

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