* 1. Question for Parents and Kids: Which of these things do you think counts as reading?

* 2. Question for Kids: “I have read a book on...”

* 3. Question for Kids: I am interested, and think I would read more if I could read...

* 4. Question for Kids: I’ll always want to read books printed on paper even though there are eBooks available.

* 5. Question for Kids: When you read books for fun, in your opinion, which one is the most important?

* 6. Question for Parents: Thinking about when you were growing up, when you were your child's age, how did you feel about reading books for fun?

* 7. Question for Kids: How much do you enjoy reading books for fun?

* 8. Question for Kids: Which of these things has your parent ever done to encourage you to read books for fun?

* 9. Question for Parents: How many days in a typical week do you personally read printed books
or eBooks? Please do not count reading to your child.

* 10. Question for Kids: What was the last book you read for fun?