Worried about payment for OT? Concerned people don’t understand OT? Provide your information to AOTA and be a part of the future of payment!

Be part of the solution and fill out this survey to be included in a database of occupational therapy practitioners to provide critical feedback on policy and coding issues.

The information gathered from this survey will only be used by AOTA for advocacy purposes. No personal information will be distributed to a third party. If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Furniss at 240.482.4173 or jfurniss@aota.org.
Questions 1-10. In which of the following areas do you provide occupational therapy intervention or have expertise? For all questions, check ALL that apply. You may check multiple boxes for each question.

* 1. ADL/IADL Interventions

* 2. Mental, Behavioral and/or Social Performance Interventions (including therapeutic activities to address mental, behavioral and/or social performance)

* 3. Cognitive Interventions (including therapeutic activities and environmental modification to address cognitive strategies and/or actions)

* 4. Neuromuscular Re-education Interventions (e.g. balance, vestibular rehabilitation, coordination, proprioception)

* 5. Therapeutic Exercise (e.g. manual techniques, aquatic therapy)

* 6. Sensory Related Interventions (including therapeutic activities to address sensory processing)

* 7. Group Therapy Interventions

* 8. Wheelchair

* 9. Assistive Technology

* 10. Orthotics