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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Long-term clinical results comparison between full thickness and anterior lamellar grafts for keratoconus
V. Pfeifer: DMEK using 1.8mm cartridge and a sponge suck loading technique
J. Guell: Right timing for DMEK in Fuchs’ dystrophy
L. Nikolic: Retained Descemet’s membrane after penetrating keratoplasty
D. Anwar: Annular corneal patch graft for type I Boston keratoprosthesis corneal melt
M. Ahmad: Penetrating keratoplasty in a vascularised cornea after fine needle cautery and subconjunctival Avastin
V. Jovanovic: Treatment of perforated cornea with an autologous lamellar corneal graft
V. Ravera: Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) in eyes with INTACS