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* 1. Diabetes: The 21st Century’s Greatest Killer
50% of all adults over 65 have prediabetes, yet 90% are still undiagnosed. Leading to heart disease, limb amputation, and even death if ignored. Luckily, there's an easy way to reset your body to full health.

Doctor M.A has uncovered a new weapon in the fight against diabetes. An easy-to-follow seven-step formula that nips it in the bud, before it becomes incurable, and sentences you to a grim life of medication, with horrific side-effects, or rigid diet plans that make you want to vomit—without harmful drugs.

  • 33% of Americans have prediabetes. Discover if you’re one of them with this super-easy home-based test.
  • 10 tasty ingredients that naturally stop diabetes FAST (#3 is also a powerful aphrodisiac).
  • How to slash your medical bills 230% with a fruit.
  • The #1 supplement used by doctors that’s scientifically proven to keep your skin, eyes and teeth looking forever-young.
  • 5 deadly warning signs 94% of doctors miss (and why even well-meaning MDs can hurt you).
  • How to make weight loss effortless (by staying in bed, rearranging your furniture, or “tweaking” your meals)—with over 60 mouth-watering recipes even the fussiest eater will crave.
  • And more…

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* 2. The Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies
The most effective, science-backed home remedies that treat and prevent over 100 health problems in a crisis.

When drug stores are closed - or looted - all hope is not lost. We’ve teamed up with Dr. M. A., a leading holistic doctor with a passion for survival and self reliance. And we want to bring you an easy to follow book of natural remedies for over 100 health problems. This knowledge is a must have in a crisis - or whenever you need to ease symptoms, fight disease, and super-charge your immunity.

  • Need anesthetic to save a life? This powerful recipe will let you turn alcohol into chloroform.
  • Use oranges to make your own penicillin.
  • Run out of heart medicine? Eat this fruit instead.
  • No dentist? Treat toothaches and other pains with this plant extract.
  • This root is a must-have for treating colds and respiratory issues.
  • Eat this tree bark to destroy deadly bacteria.
  • And more...

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* 3. How to Keep Your Brain Young: A Military Guide
Homemade brews exposed by the military improve your memory, intellect and reverse cognitive decline.

DOD scientists’ have cracked it—in their decades-long quest to find the ultimate “smart drug”. Because in an age of machines, where human minds are the weakest link, billions have been spent by governments worldwide in an arms race to keep your brain in peak condition. Now doctor T.W reveals all.

  • The Department of Défense’s #1 “memory tea”. Cuts forgetful moments by 50% and protects you against Alzheimer’s.
  • How to boost your IQ by 8.4% (one-in-five of Ivy-leaguers do this).
  • The common, stress-killing herb once used by Vikings that cuts depression in half and can add 25 years to your life.
  • 3 must-eat foods to avoid dementia. +1 you must never (EVER!) touch if you want to stay mentally agile.
  • Why coffee makes you smarter—backed by U.S. army tests.
  • 5 undetectable tricks veteran pilots use to instantly kill brain fog, boost reaction speed and quickly outshine younger fliers (perfect if you forget a name, your keys, or why you entered a room).
  • And more...

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* 4. How Stalin Cheated Death (And You Can Too)
Why a Soviet “virus” is now protecting millions from dementia, IBD, weight gain, osteoporosis and chronic fatigue. Just by modifying your diet.

“Phage viruses” outnumber bacteria in your body 2:1. They also act as your gut’s immune system, by hunting down and destroying disease-causing bacteria. Now scientists have found a way to turn the world’s deadliest killer into your greatest ally. To protect your health, and keep you safe, even when all else fails. Brought to you by Dr. J.S. A board-certified health specialist with decades of experience to back him up.

  • 5 easy steps to supercharge your body’s natural viral defenses several-times-over. Meaning no more colds and flus.
  • How “living drugs” cured IBD in WW2. And why it was buried.
  • When drinking seawater is good for you.
  • How to cut your risk of dementia by 44% (and the #1 food you MUST avoid that doubles your chance of Alzheimer’s).
  • One Siberian granny’s remedy for Parkinson’s and why Harvard scientists are going crazy for it today.
  • The sinister origin of killer superbugs, and why a healthy gut is your ONLY way to beat them. Remember: superbugs could soon kill more people than cancer!
  • And more...

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* 5. Healthy And Young, at 121
A top scientist at Harvard has stunned the world by revealing a natural secret that could add 20 long years to your life.

That’s because as we age our NAD levels drop. NAD is critical for regulating your metabolism, protecting DNA, and delaying old age (at age 50 you have half the NADs you had in your 20s). But now, simply by “hijacking” your body’s own anti-aging defenses, you can set the clock back decades. Revealed by doctor D.T.

  • 5 easy steps to raise your NAD levels back to what they were in your 20s. That way you’ll stay healthy for longer.
  • Why higher NADs nip all cancers in the bud.
  • 3 ways to rapidly boost your stamina back to what it was 18-32 years ago.
  • Why fat people could soon live twice as long as their skinny friends (killing the myth that big people die young).
  • How to stop inflammation, joint pain and high blood pressure dead.
  • The meal-timing secret for age-reversal that keeps you slim and toned (even if you eat like a pig).
  • And more...

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* 6. Stop Pain Now: The Healer’s Guide to Hemp
50 million of us suffer from chronic pain, but few of us know there’s been an effective cure since Moses.

50,000 chronic-pain sufferers overdosed on pain killers in 2017 (a number that’s set to rise). That’s why doctor J.S. is now spilling the beans on the greatest medical miracle of this century. Medicinal marijuana. 100% legal, it could soon save you BIG money, without the high, and keep you pain-free for life.

  • 120 mouth-watering recipes that eliminate pain FAST, including gummies, fresh salads, tea-infusions and more.
  • How to grow your own crop (in secret) at home, including lighting, nutrient, and harvesting tips.
  • In-depth scientific analysis, easy-to-follow checklists and detailed illustrations on the very best strains to use, laser-targeted to your unique malady (and why using the wrong strain is often ineffective).
  • When ready-made CBD oil is a BAD idea that leads to illegal substances in your blood.
  • 14 more chronic diseases you can treat at home using medicinal marijuana, including: inflammation, arthritis, MS, depression, insomnia, anxiety, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, migraines, muscle spasms, and more (perfect for ‘blended treatments’ or health lovers in general).
  • And more…

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